Deathtrap Kustoms was started in 2004. It was born out of my frustration in trying to find
a cool and unique Hood Ornament to adorn the Oliver tractor grill on my 1939 Chevy truck
rat rod. To hell with it, I designed and made my own with the help of George and Jackie
Kysor at Baker Art Foundry. And the crowd went nuts! I'm sure there are photos of that
hood ornament in scrapbooks all over the West Coast. After about the one hundreth
person asking where they could buy one just like it I realized (it took 100?!) the world or at
least the Hot Rod world needs Hood Ornaments! Not just the usual old hood ornaments
everybody has seen over and over but cool, unique, groovy, bitchin' Hood Ornaments that
will be the crown jewel on any grill or hood. They are not made of roughly cast aluminum
but made like an expensive ring or bracelet out of real silver laden pewter! And hey most of
our hood ornaments make cool shift knobs too. My logo of the bear trap bursting out of a
wooden coffin was done by the great Johnny Crap and deserves to be worn on T-shirts,
work shirts and jackets.
                                    Bottom Line:

Deathtrap Kustoms is making the world cooler one car at a time!
All rights reserved.